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For the times when you really want all your guests to know that you have more in disposable income then they make in a year.

John Cena winning the royal rumble was a fucking travesty.

So I am having a hard time finishing my artbook piece in time to submit it for consideration as the cover artwork. The rules ask that the poses be our own, and I thought it was, but upon lazily flipping through some of Brando's art reference books I realized that I subconsciously mirrored a pose I saw in one of them. It's super similar, and the idea I had for the picture was one I really wanted to doe, but I am not sure if anyone would believe me that it wasn't a purposeful thing I copied :\

My idea was to have a young Inuit girl standing in icy waters with waves crashing up against her and the waves forming stampeding horses or a roaring polar bear. The pose has her with her arms out behind her, legs 90% submerged.

Upon noticing the picture in one of Brando's books my pose ended up incredibly similar and I didn't even try to. I guess it's a kind of non-specific pose that isn't particularly super unique so it could just be one of those generic poses you'd see in lots of stock and reference sources. But the due date for the cover art is the first of February and I don't think I have enough time to work around what I already have, completely color it and all that..
OMG NEVERMIND. The due date for consideration as the cover artist is the 28th of February. Not the first. OH MY GURD. MY HEART.

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