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Well, let me try to help you here.

Do you have insurance? See, I got an eye exam a few weeks ago, but since I have insurance, I have an annual eye exam that comes free with the insurance policy.

Now, I don't need glasses either, but I went, and what my doctor told me was, if your eyesight isn't great, you NEED glasses before you can get contacts. Thankfully in my case, I didn't have to. She said my vision prescription was a -.50 after the eye exam, and after that, I brought up the idea of colored contacts, and she said I could do it, but with my insurance (again), it would be a 60 dollar co-pay to learn how to put them in and be okayed through her to order them. I did this, and there was no other exam. All the colored contact part was her showing me how to put them in, giving me two trial pairs, and some new solution and such, as well as prescription info from my eye exam.

So with this, my -.50 prescription from my eye exam is what I am looking for with colored contacts, or no prescription at all (That's what my trial pair is, no prescription).... you don't get a separate eye exam for colored contacts. I also haven't ordered any contacts YET...

So simply put:

- Find out your insurance plan on eye exams.
- If free, you are set, get the exam.
- After the exam (Or before), inform the doctor you are interested in colored contacts.
- After the exam, he/she will tell you if you are okay to do contacts with or without glasses.
- Thereafter, you need to pay roughly atleast 100 dollars if you want the doctor to okay you for contacts, DEPENDING on how your insurance covers. Mine covered like 40 dollars or so off of glasses OR contacts, and since I DIDN'T need glasses, I got my contact cost cut.

Hope this helps!
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