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Originally Posted by OtakuSpark View Post
Because in a cold climate, that will keep you warm. Totally.
Don't even get me started on shit like this, Emmers.
I tried looking up photography on deviantart and all I found where pictures of black women dressed in torn leather bikini's holding bows and spears and then lots of husky's. Also lots of cosplay from Avatar.

I searched the word 'Inuit'.

Uh. Yeah. No.

Originally Posted by TheAnarCHris View Post

I'm excited for Cena Vs Rock round 2. No wait, what's the opposite of excited? Because I'm that.

The Rumble was whacckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk this year. Eff Cena. Eff Rock. In a perfect world, it would be Punk defending againist D-Bry. Who needs a shot in the arm, Team Hell No needs to STAP now. .
You know what the world needs more of?

John Cena versus Dwane The Rock The Toothfairy Johnson.


My bet was Sheamus ending up involved with something less shitty. But uh. Yeah. Let's go with more of John Cena's stupid face.

I will say this, the look on their face when the table just crumbled beneath them was priceless. That had to hurt..

A for effort 'Goldust'. I liked your brothers mustache.
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