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@ Larcenciel - If you don't mind me adding a few things, I'll help you out as a glasses wearer with really bad near-sightedness.

Another thing that can be done is if you go to your eye doctor for a regular eye check-up and/or exam, bring the issue of contact lenses up. My vision is so bad that I need to see an eye doctor regularly, but if you plan to go to your eye doctor for your regular check-up - assuming you do it regularly - bring up the subject during the visit.

If your eye doctor wants to perform tests then and there, and it won't cost extra, my advice is to endure the tests and if he/she says you can wear contacts or not - you may end up getting a call from your eye doctor saying he/she wants you to come into his/her office to discuss your results.

If your eye doctor's office has a receptionist who can look up the information on billing and such, contact him/her and ask the receptionist your question. It may sound stupid talking to a receptionist about this, but you'll only be a fool for 5 seconds and you will probably get a yes or no response.

I don't know if I've missed anything?
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