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Originally Posted by usuyukisou View Post
I love you. I would add Gumi to the list, though. For males, I like Gakupo, VY2, and... Mikuo, which is surprising because I don't like Miku much. I guess the timbre of Saki Fujita's voicebank just sounds best in the boyish tenor voice range?

On the other hand, the new V3 voicebanks almost all sound really good, and in fact most Vocaloids have the potential to sound good with the right producer's tuning.

I think it goes without saying that my first really big Vocaloid ensemble project still makes Luka the center of the story.
Same here, I actually really like Mikuo even though I was never a big fan of Miku's voice.

Agreed, depends a lot on the tuning of the Vocaloid. Generally I just don't like it when producers make Vocaloids sing super high-pitched for the entire song :\ I'm pretty much always amazed when Vocaloids are used with Vocalistener, though o:
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