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@Flanna- I'm just happy we can set this up so that you can get photos with all the hobbits.
I'm really thankful to the OP for making this thread. And I think there are so many least for me, and some of the people I mentioned in my first post, we always planed to do LOTR costumes but just put it off. I didn't know how to sew back when the movies came out, and didn't know cosplay existed, and once I did, I knew I wanted to make Eowyn's dress but..I felt like maybe it wouldn't be popular, or well received by then. That people might say to me- why the hell are you doing an LOTR costume at an anime(or a comic) convention. So I put it off. Now The Hobbit came out, and it just resparked everything, and the genre is popular enough that I don't feel like people will harass me for it.

And @Yavanna- have a Faramir and a Witchking?! I'm gonna die...I am SOOO jealous of your Eowyn right now!
Either way, glad Sunday at 12 works for you too.

I have a few photographer friends I can ask to come take photos too; EBK, JosephChiLin..etc.. I can't guarantee they won't have shoots at that time, but if they're free I'm sure they'll come.

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