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AfterSchool Mode Luka Wig Help Please

Hello, I am having serious trouble styling my wig for Luka's After School Mode outfit from Project Diva f.

Here is her picture:

I started with this wig from Epic Cosplay:

Since her pigtails are low and towards the back of her head, I thought I could simply tie them like normal pigtails, but that didn't work because of knots. In the process of combing them out, I ripped out a large chunk of hair that is now too short to fit in the hair ties, plus it made the strands left so frizzy that they appeared a different color. I tried defrizzing/detangling tutorials, washing it, and more combing, but that didn't help anything. And I apparently stretched the head part or something because there is a big empty space in the back now.

My question is, do any of these damages sound repairable enough or should I buy the wig again? Or, alternatively, should I buy a short wig and try to add the pigtails using wefts? Is there some trick to low pigtails that I'm missing? Sorry, all my searches for pigtails bring up high pigtails and clip-ons...

And if stubbing/wefts are what is needed, I have constructed her hair ties so that those pink and yellow cube parts light up, so would stubs/wefts be difficult to hide two battery packs (about the size of 2-3 watch batteries) or at least give the batteries room to fit?

Sorry this is so long and has so many questions. Thank you so much for any help that you can provide!!
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