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Originally Posted by trmbngrl View Post
My hair actually looks exactly like Galadriels lol xD But to exaggerate my soft waves I always do one or two loose braids when my hair is wet (sometimes only one because my hair is thin, but the point is you want BIG thick braids) and then sleep on it. Of course you can't sleep with a wig but braid it wet then dry it like that and the waves should come out like hers.
You might be on to something here.

If she gets a heat resistant wig, this could be made easier. First, put the hair in to several medium braids (as there's a lot of waves). Next, Pour hot water over the wig. Now after this I'm not sure if one should just let it dry like that or use a blow dryer on it. I suppose if it's heat resistant you could use the blow dryer on it.

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