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This will be my first time attending MegaCon, but I'm stoked, I've heard great things ^^ I was, however, a little worried that not many people cosplay for this con, but seeing these replies gives me a bit of relief.

As of the new year, I was planning on recycling an old cosplay, but I came across a dress at a local thrift store that is the spitting image of Aerith/Aeris Gainsborough's dress from FF VII (I'd do the AC version), it would have been a shame to pass up the opportunity. All that's left to do is whip up that jacket, which will be easy cheesy, and patiently wait for the wig.

I was thinking of having a basket of flowers and see if I could make a quick buck or two by selling them, though the con police might disapprove considering I don't have a vendor's license... But hey, she's a flower vendor, it'd just be me getting into character!
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