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guys i am so excited, you don't even understand.

Originally Posted by Ghai View Post
Well, wig is on its way at least ^^;. I really wanted to do his games outfit, but we found out what was causing my weight loss to not happen at all a little too late, giving me the bulk but not the cut =\. Looks like I'm striving for his first outfit, all I'm missing now is the jacket. Might work on a arm if I have time.

Also, does anyone have any idea's for a cost efficient Jellal? My friend really wanted to do him, but car problems sapped his extra cash and its a tad to late to order now. Really just need the coat, everything else we can goodwill and alter.
I'm sure you can find a cheap men's trench coat online and then just get some yellow hem at the fabric store and sew it on? but if you really can't find one, there's always young jellal. White shirt, green pants, rip em up, done.
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