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I've never heard of the site before, and frankly the prices and their information in general seems a bit shady to actually trust. And I agree with you, I don't like buying from Ebay either. The rule usually is if you can't find common reviews on the store to steer clear of it, because you might be looking at either a scam or a website that is ripping off pictures from other wig selling sites and will skimp you for their actual quality.

If you are looking for a reliable wig store I actually buy my stuff from FM-Anime. I can personally recommend them for their service and also for their quality since I've bought from them quite a few times. [And they prestyle the stuff which is always a plus.] Other than that the only other wig site that comes to mind is Arda Wigs which people swear by, although I haven't because their stuff is more on the spendy side.

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