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Hi! I am actually doing the same cosplay. I bought a zentai suit this one actually ( and it worked really well. You can't see my underwear or my bra and I was wearing black and purple undergarments. I did notice that since I did not get it tailored to my size and I guessed when it came I needed to tailor it to myself. It worked perfectly for what I wanted though. My only issue was I tried to use the fabric markers from Sharpie and well that is a TON of work and I had an angry boyfriend who tried to draw the lines and that didn't go well!! I had no idea what kind of paint to use as I was afraid of it cracking and flaking off. So if anyone has any ideas on what kind of paint to use that would be fantastic but since you don't have any sewing skills I would get the zentai suit. Also I was not sure if getting the suit without the hood had it come with the collar so I ordered it with a detached hood. Which was nice because when I needed to test something on the fabric I had something to use without using the actual suit.

Here is me in my suit after I had to alter it.
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