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I went to a steampunk convention for the first time this year, and let me tell ya, everyone was dressed up and if you were under 30, you were the youngen. not only that but everyone looked amazing, why? Because we can actually afford it at that age

ConNooga: Slytherin generic, Torchwick-RWBY
Ice and Fire con: Visenya Targarian, Jeyne Lothston
Anime North: Torchwick-RWBY, Princess of the Crystal-Penguindrum, Shura-BlueExorcist
Colossal con: Kyoya-PartyRock Ouran, Ruby pj. version-RWBY, Marie - SoulEater
DragonCon: Visenya Targarian, Cinderella, Jetta-Jem and the Misfits
Teslacon: Steampunk

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