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Aaaah these are great! You guys are so helpful.

Originally Posted by Shirayuki~Chan View Post
Hello! To start out, you could look around these forums and figure out what con you're going to, weather you'll buy/commission or make the cosplay, things like that!

As for suggestions, you'd make a great Ms. Marvel, Ty Lee, Asami Sato, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Terra from Teen Titans. I hope I gave you some ideas! Good luck!
Great tips! And I appreciate the Teen Titans suggestion. It doesn't get enough love, IMO.

Originally Posted by LittleHobbit13 View Post
You have really nice features! There are a bunch of costumes you could do! Agreeing with the above poster, you could make a really lovely Ty Lee.

For my own suggestions:
Scarlet Witch (Marvel)
Shadowcat (Marvel)
Rogue (Marvel)
Jane (Tarzan)
Meg (Hercules)
Tohru Honda (Fruits Basket)
Mimi (Digimon)
Tear Grants (Tales of the Abyss)
Thank you for the compliment. :3 I have gotten Ty Lee from quite a few people now, and I'm loving that! Personality matches too, so... I also love all of your suggestions!
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