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I've had a thread up but it can't hurt to post here too.

I've recently opened myself up for knitting commissions. My specialty is sweaters.

The nitty gritty details are all in my thread. I know it's a big wall of text. I just like to lay all my cards on the table upfront so that everyone knows what to expect.

I currently don't have a big cosplay related portfolio but my DeviantArt showcases many of the necessary skills to complete your cosplay, including cablework, a variety of colorwork, and that I can put together a sweater. I hope to have more pieces as time goes on. Just because I don't have it doesn't mean I can't make it. It only means the opportunity hasn't presented itself.

I also have a special running right now in exchange for the opportunity to add to my portfolio. If you approach me with a piece I've never made before, and are willing to pay for supplies and shipping, then labor is free. Although it depends entirely on your fiber choice, in most cases this won't exceed $50. But I won't be offering this for very long.

I just finished my first job and it was a total blast.
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