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Originally Posted by flash1616 View Post
I'm thinking I might make go as Yamuraiha, though if you guys have a group for march I'd be interested in being someone you guys don't have yet.
right now we already have a yamuraiha, but all of us certainly dont mind doubles!

so far we have:
-2 morgianas
-2 sinbads
-2 judals
-2 sharrkans

Originally Posted by Roses-and-red View Post
I wanna bring Scheherazade to MTAC if I can finish her~
Do you what day of MTAC you're wearing Magi? :3
waaahhh I'd love to see your Scheherazade cosplay!! I believe we'll be meeting up most likely on the Saturday. :> I'll have to confirm with the other cosplayers!
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