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Flamers/generally mean people.
I've found recently people post ads either before they're allowed or who have too low of a budget. They then get a whole bunch of people "accusing" them of doing something wrong. I understand the rules and I understand being a commissioner. But, as a general community I think we would be much more welcoming if we would politely state that they broke rules or that they have too low of a budget. If you can't say it nicely don't say it at all.

Exsample: I think your budget is too low. Many commissioners would be unable to do this for your budget due to materials, labor and shipping costs. Why not try making it yourself by doing x. (:

Rather than: Your budget is too low! No one would do it for that much! Materials alone are $x and labor is $x! No one would do it for $x.

It's simple, but really makes a difference. If this could be added to the rules. Or maybe just something saying "be nice" or "remember commissions are expensive".
Something like that. Please. (:
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