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Originally Posted by ItsTroy View Post
Great stuff I'm seeing in this thread. So many different versions to choose from, and so many good reference pics.

I've seen all the SAO episodes once they were aired last year, and started reading the LNs about mid January. I'm about 1/3 through the first Phantom Bullet novel (GGO), and I was strangely attracted towards the main antagonist Death Gun. His cosplay seems pretty simple with a sinister mask with two guns and a long coat, so I think it should be a pretty easy for a first time cosplay maker. Since the Phantom Bullet novel wasn't made into an Anime, there aren't many reference pictures for him:

Also, since not many SAO fans have read the LNs, I don't expect many to recognize him. That is fine though, as long as I make a cosplay scary and intimidating enough to get uneasy glances my way. I really feel like I could get into character too c:

Now...I plan to buy airsoft guns and mod them to the LN's specs. I have no idea how to get started with creating a mask like that. I want to include the glowing red eyes and metallic grungy look that he has. The coat looks to be simple, but then again I've never worked with fabric before so that may present a challenge. Any advice?
I've read a bit of Phantom Bullet and I'd say go for it!!! That'd be so awesome!
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