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Originally Posted by sukotsuto View Post
Honestly, I like that first one you posted of Akusesu better than the other three. I think in your case you already had photography down by the time you started attending conventions, so it's not really fair to expect some vast difference or change in style.
I think it is still fair to decide if the newer image shows progress, or is not as good as the older image, whether or not we are already accomplished in photography. We can't always make each photo shoot better than the last. There will be some ups and downs. Some photo shoots are more challenging to make great. Sometimes we have less creative and/or technical ideas flowing through us.

Personally, I like my newer images more than the earliest I posted of Akusesu. I prefer the candid style of posing and the controlled "enhanced" lighting. Also, the colors and contrast pop more in my more recent works through post-processing. The compositions in the newer images are much stronger too.

To match your White Ranger, I post this image from Anime Expo 2007. I was kicking myself afterwards for not staging a jumping kick photo of me with the White Ranger!

Five years later, at Power Morphicon 3, 2012, I got the Power Rangers jumping kick photo beyond my wildest dreams!...No White Ranger, but jumping over 6 Power Rangers from the same show I worked on, was way more than I ever planned....I know..I am in the shot, but I set it all up, and had someone click the shutter.

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