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Plastidip/primer/paint Question

Hi everyone, I am fairly new to the costume making world and after extensive researach, tool collecting and learning a few tricks and skills I have finally created a chest piece for my Halo-esque armor. I am spent about 60 hours creating a chestpiece and codpiece (first time, keep in mind). Yesterday I applied a few coats of plastidip (spray) and let it dry according to the cans instruction (4 hours). I then applied primer and let it try for 24 hours. It now feels dry, however in some spots it feels tacky/sticky. Does this mean that I should wait longer for it to dry, this is really frustrating as I have spent alot of time on it. I tested all of the products on some test pieces I made before and everything turned out fine. I am not sure what to do, any help please and thanks.
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