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Materials for Panty's Gun(Blacklace) and Stocking's Sword(Stripes)

Me and my friend are planning to cosplay Panty and Stocking this year but I'm having trouble finding the main materials for the props even though I have found everything else for it but the plastic materials to make the shapes of the props.

I know you guys have probably seen these a lot before but these are the ones I'm modeling our weapons from:

Panty's Blacklace: http://bastetsama-cosplay.deviantart...rial-200275255 Which I know I need 24x24"1mm thick acrylic like in the tutorial but I don't know where to find it.

Stocking's Stripes: Which I already know I need 24x48" 0.28mm to 0.30mm thick PVC or Acrylic Sheet but I don't know where to find it as well.

Can someone help me find these materials that can be cut through with normal scissors which are pretty affordable for the shape and size I'm looking for?
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