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Hello everyone, I'm Patchie. I'm pretty much new to the site as well a bit with cosplay due to doing a fluttershy cosplay last year at AX. It was really fun and I do have other ideas for doing plenty more. Though I have to loose a little weight but that can't be hard right? I'm also a plushie maker, I make each plushie by hand and just looking at a photo I get right to work. I'm kinda hoping to have a booth one of these years in artist alley. Though I still need a little help before even getting there.
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Welcome to coscom! Hope you enjoy it here You should post some pictures of your plushies, I'd love to see them ^^
Was last years AX your first convention, or just your first time cosplaying?
Just my first time cosplaying ^^; I was so nervous and a little scared due to it was the last day, my wig was slightly a mess from the wind as well my shoes were hurting. And I missed the gathering. How do you post pics on forums or I can post them on my profile?
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