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Sleep is 4 loserS!
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Good luck to everyone with your goals!
Im jumping on he fitness threads to get ready for a spandax cosplay :/... not tryimg to loose much weight but i am cutting sugars and just working out more..i hate gyms for some reason so i got some resistance bands and use that while watching anime...great for toning. And some good old jogging.

Ktcaine. For sugar cravings i eat bannanas....just one inbetween meals if i need it they also help u feel fuller and are great for the body

And i read this on another thread but i think its one of the most importand things about a diet...try not to eat more than your body needs. Say your at work or school Sitting most of the day,and you know your going to go home and be a couch potatoe because your tired at the end of the day, Dont have a huge fatty lunch...your body wont be burning anythg off. Have healthy snacks if ur get hungry between meals..

Jusremember everyone think healthy eat healthy.....oh and cupcakes once in a while are good rewards
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