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My Daenerys Cosplay

Probably hard to tell, but the pic below is actually NOT of Emilia Clarke, it's of me cosplaying Daenerys:


All jokes aside, I went pretty all-out for this trans-gender Targaryen costume.
The whole costume is based on the descriptions of Daenerys from the novels, not the show.
- Hair like threads of silver and gold spun together.
- Violet eyes.
- Dressed in Qartheen manner: one breast bared from robes.

Did the hair by buying a silvery-white wig, then spraying with blonde-gold hair spray, lightly all-over, then stronger in some streaks.
Eyes are UV Violet contacts, bought online.
Clothing is just a girl's toga bought at a costume store.

The difficult part was the dragon, which I searched many toy stores for and couldn't find a cheap, suitably sized one. So I went for a pterodactyl toy instead.

Also, yes didn't bother to shave, cos I figured it's funnier this way. :P
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