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Originally Posted by JasonTerror View Post
Holy crap!! No way am I spending that much on something so small..I don't care if it's metal cast..It better have REAL gold on it for that..I'll stick with the bootleg ones..

Well, if you skip over the Ebay price-jackers, you could get those gacha Soul Gem toys... You'd have to get a different set, though. It might be hard to find the tainted Soul Gems or the Kyubey head, but if you just want the normal light-up Soul Gem, those are still being made as part of "Soul Gem Light 2" (the normal 5 can also be bought as a bundle for 2000 yen from a certain retailer, in a quick Google search).

Soul Gem Light 2....
If you have 29 other friends who like MadoMagi that could be the way to go. A store that specializes in those Gacha capsule toys is discounting them. 30 of those capsules is 12000 yen full-price, but sold as a pack of 30 for 31% off... 8280 yen . 8280 yen is about $112 USD. Add $10 service fee and assume $40 shipping = $162. Divide that by 30 and that's about $5.40 each. I've left out the domestic shipping and even the int'l shipping will vary depending on how large/heavy, but... it's safe to say you could obtain them for no more than $8 apiece, everything included.

Mind you, those Soul Gem Light 2 capsules actually aren't released until April, so....

Bandai is actually the founder of capsule machines and they are licensed. The problem I have with them is size. The Soul Gem Light series is passable (6 cm tall), but I want the clear resin type, and those only come in the cell phone strap variety.... and are small enough to MadoMagi figurines to wear accurately.
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