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Originally Posted by KakeraのTsuki View Post
Decided to bring my CC butterfly gown and maybe wear it for a bit since I have no time to make any new costumes for Con-G. ;__; Whether I'll actually wear it will depend on how crowded the con space is though, since big ball gowns are a nuisance to everyone if it's too crowded.

Otherwise, stuck in artist alley as a normie... or maybe a lolita. haha.
I'd say go for it!

If I can tough it out in my Red Queen during Fanexpo 2010 (the horror, the horror) and Anime North 2011 you can do a larger space Con-G this year.

Well I'm making wig right now,taking a bit longer then i tough with stopping to take progress photos but should be finish tonight.

I have 3 week to make a dress. (Sadly most of January I was battling mice in the building >__<)

FanExpo '17
Merida - Brave (Saturday only)

Anime North '18
Steven Universe ?
Sakizou Ms. Anniversary

Future cosplays/cons:
Lagertha - Vikings, Steampunk - Bride

For Sale
cosplay items, wigs, and materails for sale.
Arda & Shop.cosplay wig fiber swatch comparisons & Cosplay props tutorials and Makeup reviews!

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