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Lots of awesome stuff has happened, but this most recent one is really high up there, maybe number one.

Last weekend at Setsucon in State College, PA, Little Kuriboh was one of the guests. I cosplayed as River Song from Doctor Who, and I'm so glad I did. When my friend and I walked in (late) to his panel, he looked up as we were sitting down towards the back and said, "hold on, did a River Song just walk in?". I raised my hand. He goes, "That's awesome". Then later at his table where he was signing autographs, he asked to take my picture!! It was super cool and flattering and made my day.
2013 Cosplays

Rose Tyler - Doctor Who
River Song - Doctor Who
Kaylee Frye - Firefly
Fem!Sam - Supernatural
Sam Winchester - Supernatural
Fem!Sherlock - BBC Sherlock
Fem!Newt Geiszler - Pacific Rim
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