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I think the most I've spent on a cosplay so far is my Ezio one. Since I realized only after I got the base from a shop that it was missing a lot of details. Out of curiosity I decided to actually put down everything I've put into this cosplay so far. Here's what I've come out with.

Cosplay base: $220.00
Air Dry Clay: $15.00
Three bottles of Folkart Metallic Paint: $7.47
Alterations services: Free-- The woman that does my stuff is my boyfriend's aunt.
Leather purse [torn apart to make a breast plate]: $10.00
Junk belts: $30.00
Belly belt: $20.00
Necklace: $12.74
Hemp cord: $6.00
Wooden Martial Arts Sword: $14.20
Assassin's Creed Insignia Buckle: $41.00
Hot Glue Sticks: $8.97
Super glue: $9.00
Grand Total: $394.38

And there's still more things that need doing to this. Although it's pretty minute things: Mostly just a custom wig and contacts which both would end up costing me together about $72.00. Which would then make this baby $466.38[not including tax].

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