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Seeking input on these weird shoe accents I attempting to make

So I am am going to cosplaying this character here -----> Link
In this outfit here:

Notice the gold accents at the front of the boots? Those are what I am trying to make. I didn't want to paint directly on my shoes ( I use them for other cosplays) as I have seen some people do in the past, and I wanted something a little more elaborate.

Here is my test attempt so don't mind how wonky they look:

They are made with craft foam and gesso. After seeing them on the shoes I am having doubts about the idea and wondering if it looks ridiculous?

Also my initial idea of attaching them did not work out so great. I am thinking of trying to glue a stretchy material the same color as the shoes to the accents and slip them on the front kind of like a boot cover? I also heard people use hot glue to temporarily attach something to shoes, but I am afraid of taking the finish of the vinyl boots. Then again this might all be for nothing if I am not wrong and those accents look ridiculous. Maybe I am making it this more difficult than it needs to be?

If anyone has any suggestion something else I can try or they know will work I'd greatly appreciate it.
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