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Originally Posted by Mehdia View Post
Man, I used to think I spent a lot on costumes, but you guys own! I manage to buy almost everything I use on sale or with coupons, so I cut down costs quite a bit. My most expensive single costume was my Madam Red and it would about $300 (it would have cost WAY more if I wouldn't have bought 15 yards of fabric with 40% off coupons). Most expensive single thing I bought that I can remember was a wig that was about $60...and I have yet to actually use it and I bought it over four years ago.
This. This this this. Joann's has turned me into a coupon theme. I spent 80 on just the wool alone for Roy Mustang, and that was with a half off coupon. I also once spent 90 on silk, which was with 40% off. It's not for a specific cosplay, but I dropped a fair amount of money on gear for my propmaking, which includes my dremel.
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