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Originally Posted by kikamontanez View Post
Well, this wasn't mine, but this happened to my best friend and just watching the whole thing go down made me happy. At our last con, she was dressed as one of those think-it-up-yourself sexy no jutsu Narutos. Well, there was a big Naruto photoshoot going on and we just happened to stumble upon it. She started taking pictures and this this super hot Naruto spots her and forces her into the shoot. She was easily the skinniest, prettiest girl in the shoot, and in the middle of all of the female characters together shot, a whole bunch of guys started yelling for her to do a sexy pose. The other girls in the shoot started trying to do them too (showing cleavage and stuff) but the guys kept yelling, "YEAH NARUTO!"
I know that sounds kind of rude the way I talk about the other girls, but imagine if you were finally the skinniest, prettiest, sexiest girl in a group of other girls. That was her turn to be that girl. I felt happy for her
that is so cute
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