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Selling Wigs, Cosplay & Lolita items

More items/pictures here

note: I don't have an actual camera, so I use my phone. Normally the pictures taken with my phone are dulled in quality, so I edit them to better match the colors in real life.

* = this denotes that the item is currently in storage or at my sister's house thus I do not have full access to the item at the moment. I will be picking these items up sometime this upcoming week.

Dorcell Cainz - TAKEN
Saeko Bursujima Torn Uniform Top. $15. Worn a couple times to try on. Medium.
Sukisho uniform jacket. $15.
Sakura Haruno Cosplay. $25 + shipping. S/M. Includes: Top, 2 shorts, arm bands, Kunai holder, gloves, and belt cape.

Rainbow wig - $25 + shipping. Worn once to try on. Bought to use for Rainbow Dash but lost interest.
1 2 3
Split lolita wig - $30 + shipping. Worn once.
1 2 3
Arda's luthien in mahogany. - $35 + shipping. Worn once to try on.
Short Blonde wig. $15 + shipping. Worn once to try on.
1 2
Short Purple Wig. $15 + shipping. Worn once to try on.
1 2

2 Medium sized bows. $5 together + shipping.
Purple Necklace. $10 + shipping.
Pink Cupcake Necklace. $16 + shipping.
Cell phone case. $20 + shipping OBO.

cosplay accessories;
Arm bands for Sakura Haruno. $5 + shipping.
Leg Holster for any Naruto character. $5 + shipping.

Items For Sale that I need to take pictures of;
Long Blonde Wig*. $15 + shipping. Bought for Sailor V, but didn't like the way it looked on me. Worn once to try on.
White Shorts. $20 + shipping. Bought for Rhyme Bito from The World Ends With You, but were too small for me. S/M.
Short Pink Wig. $20 + shipping. Worn once.
Short Blonde Wig. $15 + shipping. Bought for Rhyme Bito from The World Ends With You. Worn once.
Shuichi Shindou Cosplay. $30 + shipping. Includes Orange hoodie and pants only. Medium.
Yuki Souma Wig. $10 + shipping.
Saber Cosplay. $30 + shipping. Includes Blue dress and boots.
.2014 cons.
Katsucon - Maybe
Madicon - Attending

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