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I drive to conventions, but hopefully this is still helpful. The staff I am going to be referring to is this one.

I purchased the wooden dowel as one piece, I located about the halfway point in the staff and sawed it in half. In one half I drilled in a screw so the actual pointed end with the threading was facing outwards. On the other end I located the center (they have a little ruler-sorta thing you can use that will help you find the center point; it's important to have it as dead-center as possible otherwise the entire thing could snap in half) and drilled a hole using a threader. Basically what it is does is make the little groves for the screw to.....screw into.

So from that point I could take it apart at the center point and carrying it this way. If your prop is relatively skinny, like the staff was, try finding a long box and pack it with something to insulate the prop, wrap it up nice n' good. Mark it and everything so you can find it easily, and check it with your luggage.

If you notice on that staff there's actually evenly spaced groves that go the length of the staff, in the future I am going to remake it and put screws for each of those sections so that it can be dismantled even further.

Maybe if you post a picture of what your prop is people could give you specific advice?
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