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Originally Posted by ShinobiXikyu View Post
I assume there's a coatcheck again like last year? Also, is parking still free?
We do have a coat check The cost is $2/day With proceeds going to one of our charities.

We have arranged with the hotel for free parking (normally it costs money to park at teh delta but we've rented the parking lot too ) Also that sounds really funny.

Originally Posted by sweet_kat22 View Post
Is Con-G capped? Will we be able to buy tickets at the door? Not sure if I can go. I wont know until the middle of the month because we are unsure if we are moving that weekend or the beginning of March
Oh geez, techincally Con-G is "capped"....but I doubt our attendance will be anywhere near the fire code for our new hotel this year ( aka this is why we moved from the Holiday Inn). So I'll say no worries
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*Sigh* No clue - baby due in June... so we'll see

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