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Surprisingly, I follow quite a few of you, already. I'm embarassed I use this account so infrequently. I'm a cosplay photographer and one of four prop-makers in a group named Loose Cannons. I usually frequent Texas and New Mexico conventions, but I'll be at AX later this year.

My Cosplay Photography Page, DA and Flickr

Loose Cannons Props - Our Propmaking Group

Texas Cosplay FB Page and Group

Cosplay List on FB (1,021 Pages Listed)
If you can see the list above, it's a shared list of cosplay pages I keep adding to. Over 1000 different pages and profiles as their own news feed which people SHOULD be able to suscribe to.

Feel free to friend/like whatever you wish. I've already gone down the pages and have done the same. For whatever reason you might want to friend me, here's my personal FB ( I post frequently and am very vocal, so you may wish to reconsider the personal account friending. :P
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