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Hey guys! I'm just starting on a Karkat cosplay and needed help with a couple things.

First off: Wig. How do wig.
I've got this wig: (And I totally recommend it, it's about on par with the Arda wig I own.)

I'm mostly stumped about the spikes. I know they should all sort of be swept up and to the side but I'm really not sure how to do that. I can spike one side fine, but trying to get the opposite side to flow in the same direction is a pain so far. Where should the part be?

Also, if anyone could point me in the direction of a tutorial for cutting bangs that would be nice, considering I've accidentally ruined all the other wigs I've attempted that on. >.>

Next: I'm a fan of the turtleneck headcanon, and I've got a turtleneck that I'd love to use. The problem is it's sort of got vertical grooves like this: I'm worried would cause problems/make it look bad. Best method for putting the symbol on a shirt like this? Or should I just get a different one without the ridges?

Aaaand lastly, any ideas for making this a quality cosplay would be appreciated. Karkat's my favorite character, so I really want to make this a great cosplay, despite how simple it is.

Thanks a bunch to anyone who took the time to read this and/or reply!

oh also i just wanted to say that i used this tutorial: but using Testor brand acrylic paint somehow ended up making my horns turn out REALLY cool, with a texture sort of like crustacean chitin/shell? i dunno if that was just a fluke or what but yeah that's a really good tutorial.
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