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Cosplay Photograpgher from El Paso

Hello, Everyone!

I haven't been on DA in quite a while, years, I'd say. I cosplayed once or twice in the past but found the photography side of things more enjoyable at the time. I'm still very involved in cosplay photography but have recently found my way back into Costuming and Prop-Making. I also dabble in steampunk related things from time to time.

FB Page and DA

I also am one of four members in a prop-making group called Loose Cannons.
Loose Cannons Props - Our Propmaking Group

I admin a large group on facebook for Texas Cosplayers which consists of over 400 members as well as the page, Texas Cosplay. Sadly, because I'm so far away, I'm not as active in central Texas as much as I'd like to be and the town I live in is less than cooperative in cosplay-related efforts. Nevertheless, I work quite often in New Mexico and am looking at Arizona conventions as well.

Nice to meet you all, I hope to be involved more on the prop-making/costuming forums here over time.
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