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Also in the range of "probaby not what you were looking for" but is structurally challenging in its own way... My Hachi-Hachi Len cosplay. When I saw the PV for that Vocaloid video, I told myself I would cosplay Len one day. Len just so happens to be either a kagema or impersonating an oiran. Whatever the case, I wanted to do it just right - as in hisotircally accurate.

... It probably would've been easier to go the not accurate right, but I'm not that type of person. Kimono culture, especially regarding female kimono, has all sorts of rules and regulations. When one is dressing as a geisha or oiran, there's even more. The whole point of kimono, regardless of gender, is to have a tube like shape. This greatly restricts what you can do and makes it pretty difficult to move as freely as one would in Western clothes (which is why the Japanese moved on to Western clothes). To achieve the tube shape requires some padding, depending on body shape. Then there are layers. Oiran are notorious for having many layers - or at least pretending to - of screaming, vibrant colors of kimono, most of which included padded hems for kimono that trailed on the floor. Then there's the crazy obi knots, the crazy wig styling... the process of putting all of this on correctly too is arduous and many times when I'm dressing in yukata I've had to start over many times to get it just right.

... Again, to do this oiran cosplay completely to historical standards is really damn challenging structurally. And did I mention heavy? This ensemble's going to have a surprising amount of weight to it...
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