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Here comes the really cliche I'm-upset-with-my-friend rant.

So, me and my friends have kind of an unspoken no-bullshit agreement, and with that comes a lot of, er, liberation? In the sense that, if one of my friends is pissing me off, I'll just simply tell them, "Hey, dude, dial it down" and they're cool with it. If I'm pissing off one of my friends, they just tell me, and it's whatever -- I would SO much rather a friend tell me that they're annoyed or frustrated with me for x reasons rather than that whole "we're just awkwardly avoiding eachother" thing start. So I guess you could say that, despite the fact that my friends are 95% female, we don't do the very typically female backstabbing thing; if we've got a problem, we just say it, and worst we'll call eachother stupid names and be done with the arguement. The no-bullshit method has kept all of us friends for a pretty long time now, so I'm A-OK with it.

But I have this one friend who isn't part of my circle of friends, so to speak, because he doesn't live here. He knows virtually all of my aforementioned friends, and so he's kind of picked up on the general no-bullshit policy, and although we've been friends for only about two years, I would say that we both know eachother a lot better than any of either of our other friends, since generally when we talk, it's not just benal chit-chat, and we're actually having a conversation; we usually talk every day, or at least every other day, or at the bare minimum, three times a week, since we're pretty damn good friends but I don't ever get to "see" him, so to speak. (We Skype.)

Lately, however, it seems like he's avoiding me. He doesn't answer my texts (which doesn't really bother me; neither of us are particularly phone-savvy, although it wouldn't kill him to answer me once in a while), he instantly goes offline on Facebook when I get online, and he always has his Skype set to "invisible" so he knows when I'm online but I can't tell when he is. It's SO frustrating, since he's my best friend, I obviously would like to talk to him as frequently as I used to get to. Whenever I would get seriously wrapped up in something that would restrict free time, he would always badger me about getting online so we can just talk, and whether it was something important or not, I'd make the sacrifice of putting it down. Because he's my best friend, and if he "needs" to talk about something or he's frustrated and just wants to rant, it's my job to be there to listen to him, right?

Well, where's the reciprocity? I'm not saying he's a bad friend at all, but lately, every time I DO manage to catch him online, he'll just say "Oh, I'm busy" or "Oh, sorry, I'm with a friend right now, can't talk." I am legitimately upset about this. It used to be that we'd have seven hour conversations daily, and one of my real life friend's mothers even jokingly started saying "Oh yeah, David, Lily's internet boyfriend."

The last time I talked to him, we only talked for an hour and a half, and that was over a week ago. The last time before that was just after Christmas, and so I am getting SO fed up with this. I don't know if maybe I pissed him off in some way, or maybe he just doesn't really have time for me anymore; I AM an "internet friend", after all. And you know what? I WOULD apologize to him if I pissed him off, but he won't tell me what it is I did, if it was anything, and I could accept the latter, even though I wouldn't want to. But one thing that you do not do if you're friends with me is beat around the bush; I simply CANNOT stand it, and it's literally keeping me up at night.
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