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Originally Posted by Clockwork_Ducky View Post
I keep buying wigs for potential costumes... I think I have a problem >.>

Just ordered 3 poofy clips from Arda to combine into a wig I bought from for a hypothetical costume eventually, maybe. If not, well, I've got three massive lavender puff balls to play with clipping into things on wigs. They were going on clearance, and, honestly, they seem pretty close to what the character's hair is described as. Also, giant poof ball hair. Woo.

And it gives me something to fall back on if I royally screw up my Queen Mab costume... I'm just going to throw together a Toot-Toot costume from The Dresden Files and follow my Dresden around harassing him for pizza.
Sounds like an awesome fall back plan! Toot is so much fun. Which version of him would you be doing?

Originally Posted by Reily96 View Post
So I got indecisive about Kenshin's hair (again), so I ended up ordering color samples from Arda instead as to be absolute sure I know what color I'm getting. No spending money from me until my next paycheck then! Good... I'm being good. I have self-control. I HAVE WILL OF IRON - IT IS STRONG LIKE BULL.
Their color samples help so much! I get an idea while I'm at work for a wig, but I wait until I get home to check the color ring before I commit. It really does help.
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