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Okay - several options for Transit from Toronto to GUelph

1) Greyhound - probably the most recommended in my opinion as it's the quickest 1.5 - 1 hr drive - The greyhound goes from the station in TO and only has 1 stop at Aberfoyle before hitting the University of Guelph. You will actually drive past the hotel before it turns into the university. It's then maybe a 5-10 minute walk and there is an entrance into the Delta from the corner of stone/gordon (main intersection).

2) Go Bus/Train - 2 hr trip - but tends to be a bit cheaper
Depending on what time you leave on Friday night you can take the train from Toronto to Guelph. All the other times it's the bus that takes a few stops along the way. There are a few different buses with some leaving from missisauga, union station, and a handful of others.
There is the option to go to the university - just let the driver know otherwise the stop is downtown Guelph and you'll have to take the University city bus to get to the convention (not a huge deal but $3 more or so).

3)Via Rail also goes from Toronto to Guelph - but again you'd have to take a city bus down to the hotel but this seems to be the fastest route with just over an hour to get there.
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