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Originally Posted by Reily96 View Post
Whether you do Mab or Toot-Toot, I have to admit I will probably enjoy either result quite thoroughly. XD May I mention I also give you massive kudos for doing Dresden cosplays?
Thanks I love the series, and just find the characters to be awesome. Quite likely one of my favorite fantasy series, after another wizard with a similar name, that is.

Originally Posted by Pirogoeth05 View Post
Sounds like an awesome fall back plan! Toot is so much fun. Which version of him would you be doing?
Most likely some version of the Battle Ready Toot, either from the first incident at the Table, or from the more recent books. I'll need something with a chest plate to cover the fact I have to bind for this, so I'm leaning towards the more recent battle outfits. For some reason, I'm picturing armor somewhat inspired by the cobbled together state of Amy Pond's armor from "The Girl Who Waited."
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