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Hello! I plan to go to Katsu as Sanae Kochiya and Inubashiri Momiji. I'm looking forward to attending the photoshoots!

I think 8pm Saturday should work fine. As for the Friday photoshoot, are there any objections if I suggest that we make the time a bit later? Like, anytime after 7pm?
Thanks, and I'll see y'all at Katsu!
Anime cons
That one lifeboat which keeps a kanmusu afloat
That one party which keeps a touhou hearty
That one warzone you take upon your own
That one big jive that keeps you alive

When the lights go on where you stand upon,
Colors intertwine and it's your time to shine
The mic on the stage and listeners engage
In the great rapport of what we all adore

The march through the town from the doors of Crowne
Come one come all, let's have a merry time y'all!
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