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Originally Posted by Marbleyes View Post
I have to wait until next week to purchase my wig for Stocking. So right now I'm playing the waiting game until my cosplay gets here.

-Looks at bank account; Why must you be so expensive cosplay?! I wish I could quit you...
That's how I feel about my bank account T.T Spent money on wigs, contacts, shoes and costume...NOWWW I have to go out and buy stuff to make my props x.x I just keep on spending, no saving :X

Originally Posted by Blood_Sword View Post
MAH BATTŌSAI COSPLAY IS DONE! <3 I am so excited for the con where I'll debut it, shkjfgkds;dkgs I can't wait! I love this feeling when you've just finished a new cosplay. (not like there was much to do because I had the clothes from earlier cosplays.. mostly just wig styling)
Looks greatt!

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