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So I bought a lavender colored little Alpaca thing. It was super cute and I kind of fell in love with it. This was just past November 2012 Youmacon. So I love this thing to death and I'm in line for the Team Four Star 18+ panel on Saturday night. I get into my seat and look in my bag and look a second time and a third and I realize my $14 adorable alpaca is g o n e. I proceed to tear up and cry a little because I'm kind of a wuss to be honest.

So after tearing up I decide to loosen up and just enjoy the panel and I'll buy another alpaca I guess.

Suddenly up there I see a little fluffy object being thrown around.

Is it?
It is.

I proceed to watch Team Four Star molest my little purple alpaca and play with it. I was so excited and happy to see it okay! At the end of the panel I go up afterwards and claim my alpaca and that's my best memory and my first memory from a con.
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