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Originally Posted by Amanita View Post
Who here likes to do original character cosplays?

To those who do, here's some questions, feel free to describe your own creations!

What inspires your costumes? Do you base them on a series or fandom, or are they completely your own creation?

Do you give your characters a backstory, or come up with "in-character" explanations for parts of the costume?

Overall, why do you do it? Do you like the freedom of original characters/designs? Do you like the challenge of coming up with a design from scratch, or do you find it more personal than strict recreation?
I have a OC biased off of the Kingdom Hearts series. It came around because my friend was bored and asked me to design an original key-blade. After I finished he decided to make it for me!

As for backstory, I usually come up with it on the spot because I never want to prepare. Also, Being the creative person I am, It's easy for me to do. Also, since my creativity is so rampant, Creating OC's also help me let some of it out!
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