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@Seifer - Oh good. I may need to find a workout plan that works as well. Just something that will be a little quicker and take less of my time. It can be difficult to get to a gym with my schedule. I agree too on finding a job. They usually rather take people who are already working - it's more immediate experience.

WiR: We're the 8 bit character, and you are the HD character - right? It would be cool if an FPS did have a character like Calhoun as a lead. It would be a change from these super buffed on steroids destroy anything that moves or in the way heroes (looking at you Gears of War).

Cecil: As of now, I think Venus is most likely going to be the one that's done more than Cecil by Sakura. I know Spencer really wants that to go through. I'm somewhat tempted to buy Venus I must admit, but I still do like to say I made the costume even if it's silly like this.

Zelda: And hopefully I can start on Link probably after Fanime. I want to try to do that and Gestahl Simultaneously and see what I can get done.

The cape worked out really nicely, btw. I'm kind of glad I somewhat pushed you into doing that (even though you probably wanted to at some point). I agree with Zaiten, it is much nicer than paint.

@Zaiten: Hopefully you get everything worked out with the Jacket. I hate when stuff like that happens, though.
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Desired, but not confirmed:

Dart Dragoon Form (LoD)
Dark Helmet (Spaceballs)

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