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I've seen quite a few surprisingly!

First time, Suzaku cosplayer, Naruto and another one, it was like 3 people. Saw them at a mall on Halloween (totally understandable).

Another time, saw a group of 2-3 kingdom hearts cosplayers at the mall (same mall). But this was no special occassion. Just random.

Saw a Sebastian (Kuroshitsuji) cosplay at Wal-mart. I was turning into the parking lot and I saw them walking to the store. I walked in and I go to the crafts isle, and bam, I see Sebastian. I gathered up my courage and was like, "You're Sebastian!" And she's like "yeah, I am!" and i asked her why she was dressed up, I was like, is it for Aki-con? (It was like a Thurs? and Aki-con was Fri-Sun). And then we end up talking and her friend walks in (she went to the bathroom) and turns out, her friend went to my high school and she knew my face lol. She lived in WA, but moved down to OR. So I made some new friends ^^

Let's see...this was also a Halloween. It's not an anime or game character but does anyone know Sax man? WELL, someone at my uni was cosplaying as him and he even had a sax and was playing the song. It was awesome. It's funny cause my class was doing a lab outside. My buildings were around all the science buildings and in the quartyard, there's a big fountain and thats where he was playing. The music stopped for a bit but were were still doing our lab. When class was let out again, we could hear the music playing haha XD

I think that's all that I've seen o.o (that were memorable I guess!)

But I guess they weren't that random since it was Halloween OR like, almost con time.

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