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1. Dad. Get my fucking car fixed. Now. I've waited 5 months, and I need my car to work so I can get my license, a job, and so I can stop bothering you and Mom for rides and money. I'm sorry that you are too pigheaded to fathom someone else fixing something, but instead of doing anything productive to it besides buy a new battery (which was only 1/3 of the problem) you just sit around and watch TV when you get home. If you have time to watch 4 hours of TV, you have time to fix my car or send it somewhere to get fixed. Like, I don't know, the mechanic 3 blocks away?

2. Walmart. Organize your bras correctly. I have an odd size, (34DD) and I don't feel like spending all day sifting through shelves of unorganized bras only to find that none of them fit. Put all of the A's in one section, the B's in the next, and so on. It's not that hard of a concept.

3. Bitch in my class, don't you fucking grab my best friend and bitch her out about "harassing your little sister". Your sister RAN UP to us when we were walking down the street to talk to us. If she didn't want to talk to us or didn't like us, she wouldn't have done so. It's not my bff's fault your sister has a sweet, friendly personality, unlike your ugly one, which also happens to match your face.
And no. You cannot call the cops on her for "harassment" when no one is being harassed and both parties are genuinely enjoying each others' company. That's called LYING, you spoiled bitch.
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