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@ Zaiten: Oh I see. Well I wish you luck! I hope it all turns out just fine.

@ FinalEVA: I have a few workout routines. If you want I can send a few your way, unless you are happy with what you have.

WiR: Ha ha! Yep!! I am so excited to do that one. It might take me a while, but please don't hold back on my account. If you and Eric finish yours first, by all means, wear them. And yeah it would be cool if you were to swap her into the lead of her of FPS! I would buy it!

Cecil: I am still not 100% sure we will have Mars done by then, we will try though. I guess if you do end up buying Venus, maybe we should just purchase a Mars. We will see I guess. As for Cecil, just keep chipping away at it.

Zelda: That would be awesome! I think once you start, you will find that both of them will move pretty quickly. Armor cosplays, at least for me, seem like such a slower process.

Terra Cape: Thanks!! I am glad too. I think it was well worth it. I always did want to do the flowers... I was just so afraid to mess it up. ^^;

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